Batfish in Blue

VANUATU — This shot of a school of batfish silhouetted against the sun was taken while diving off Vanuatu.

Underwater photo of school of large fish
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There’s a reason the waters of the South Pacific are so renowned for diving. They are simply stunning.

I’ve always liked this shot of a school of batfish silhouetted against the sun. These fish certainly aren’t shy. In fact, they decidedly curious, and they came right up to our masks to see what’s going on.

This shot was a taken during a decompression stop at about 30 feet on the way up from MV Konanda wreck dive off the coast of Port Vila in Vanuatu. The Konanda is and old island trader that was damaged in a cyclone in the late-1980s and was subsequently sunk. She sits right way up about 85 feet down, and one of the great things about this particular wreck is that you can safely enter the wreck and swim through several of its sections.

It was taken with a Nikonos V with Kodachrome 64



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