Nyaung-U Market, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Mani Sithu Market in Nyaung-U

NYAUNG-U, Myanmar (Burma) – Mani Sithu Market is Nyaung-U’s main market in the middle of town and offers food and daily supplies for sale to the local community.

Fish Market at Dimotiki Agora (Public Market) in Athens, Greece

The Dimotiki Agora in Athens

ATHENS, Greece — If you want to see where many of the Athen’s restaurants gets their fresh seafood and meat, head to the Dimotiki Agora, or public market.

Myinkaba Village Market near Bagan

Myinkaba Village’s Morning Market

MYINKABA VILLAGE, Myanmar (Burma) – Tucked away in a narrow dirt side street of Myinkaba Village is the morning market, a little slice of local life.

Yuca Root at Granada's Market (Mercado Municipal)

Granada’s Market

GRANADA, Nicaragua — Granada’s market is especially good. It’s large and colorful, pungent and bustling. And it’s the only show in town, so everything is concentrated here.

Karakoy Restaurant on the Banks of the Golden Horn

The Karakoy Waterfront

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Türkiye) — It’s one of Istanbul’s real treats to sit on the waterfront of Karakoy sipping Turkish tea, Rika, or a cold beer and watching the sun setting over the striking silhouettes of the mosques across the other side of the Golden Horn.

Assorted spices at the Spice Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Türkiye) — You can get a lot more than spices at Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar, but spices are the undeniable stars.

Statue in Mercado Central de Santiago

Santiago’s Mercado Central

SANTIAGO, Chile — Santiago’s Mercado Central is a mecca for fresh seafood. And a series of restaurants in the center of the market serve up delicious market-fresh meals.

Phonsavan Morning Market Cooked Food

Phonsavan’s Morning Market

PHONSAVAN, Laos — At Phonsavan’s morning market you can sit for a tasty bowl of freshly made steaming pho for breakfast or buy some local fruit. You can find much that looks familiar, and quite a lot that doesn’t.

Luang Prabang’s Morning Market

LUANG PRABANG, Laos — Southeast Asia’s morning markets are much more interesting than the night markets. Luang Prabang’s morning market is no exception.

Cho Dong Ba in Hue Vietnam Shallots

Dong Ba Market (Cho Dong Ba)

HUE, Vietnam – Hue’s Dong Ba market (Cho Dong Ba)–like so many of the markets around the world in places people rely on markets for their day-to-day food and merchandise needs–is a bustling, crowded affair with things for sale crammed into every available space.

Chichicastengo market fruit and vegetables wide-angle

Market Day in Chichicastenango

CHICHICASTENANGO, Guatemala – Chichicastenango is a town where buying and selling is everything. Its markets are reputed to be the largest in Central America; the range of wares on offer is truly impressive. And the indigenous Maya culture adds a distinct local flavor to the town.

Brightly colored lights for sale in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Türkiye) — With about 4000 individual stores, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has endless rows of storefronts and a staggering variety of merchandise that make for an assault on the senses and, potentially, on the wallet.

Zihuatanejo Fish Market

Zihuatanejo’s Fish Market

ZIHUATANEJO, Mexico — There’s much to love about Zihuatanejo on Mexico’s Pacific coast, and the beach fish market is one of the town’s gems.