Cemeteries & Burial Grounds

Colorful Chichicastengo cemetery

Chichicastenango’s Cemetery

CHICHICASTENANGO, Guatemala — Chichicastengo’s colorful cemetery is well worth a visit if you’re in town for the famous market day.

Granada Municipal Cemetery

Granada Cemetery

GRANADA, Nicaragua — Granada’s city cemetery is Nicaragua’s oldest. And because of Granada’s historical significance, the cemetery is unusually beautiful and ornate.

Tomb of Sultan Selim II at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

The Tombs of the Sultans at Hagia Sophia

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Türkiye) — The Tombs of the Sultans at Hagia Sophia show that the Ottomans were as serious about their art and decoration in death as they were in life.

Our Lady of Pilar Basilica in Buenos Aires Agentina

La Recoleta Cemetery

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — La Recoleta Cemetery’s most famous resident is Eva Peron. But her plain burial site might just be the least ostentatious in the whole cemetery.

Standing Stones of Hintang near Sam Neua Laos

The Standing Stones of Hintang

SAM NEUA, Laos — While the standing stones of Hintang in northeastern Laos don’t inherently convey the kind of majesty of Stonehenge or Easter Island, their mysteries remain just as deep.