Great Court of the British Museum in London

The British Museum

LONDON, United Kingdom — The British Museum in central London is one of the world’s great museums and is devoted to human history and culture.

Churchill War Rooms London Updating Map

The Churchill War Rooms

LONDON, United Kingdom — This was British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s underground command bunker during some of the most dangerous days (and nights) of World War II.

Highclere Castle, UK 156-09370965x

Highclere Castle

HIGHCLERE CASTLE, United Kingdom — You don’t have to be a fan of Downton Abbey to appreciate the beauty of Highclere Castle sitting on a stately hill in the English countryside of Hampshire about two hours west of London.

London Eye at Dusk with Spokes 169-2154532671

The London Eye

LONDON, United Kingdom — It’s a bit like London’s version of the Eiffel Tower–a towering landmark that the city’s locals initially greeted with skepticism, relying on some extraordinary engineering, and becoming a iconic fixture of the city’s skyline. And both offer unparalleled views of their cities.

English Telephone Box at Trafalgar Square at night

London by Night

LONDON, United Kingdom — Like others of the world’s great cities, London really sparkles at night and dusk, making for some beautiful photo opportunities.