Holger the Dane Statue at Kronborg Castle at Helsingor, Denmark

Holger the Dane at Kronborg Castle

HELSINGØR, Denmark — One of the most famous attractions at Kronborg Castle, Holger the Dane sits sleeping in the tunnels below the castle. Legend has it he will awaken when his country needs him.

Chapel at Kronborg Castle at Helsingor, Denmark

Kronborg Castle’s Chapel

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — The Chapel at Kronborg Castle isn’t especially large, and it’s not ornate by the standards of other European churches, but it has its charms.

tapestries at Kronborg Castle at Helsingor, Denmark

Kronborg Castle’s Royal Apartments

HELSINGØR, Denmark — The Royal Apartments at the 16th-century Kronborg Castle are where King Frederick II and his young queen, Sophie, lived and worked.

Moat at Kronborg Castle at Helsingor, Denmark

Kronborg Castle / Hamlet’s Castle

HELSINGØR, Denmark — Known as Hamlet’s Castle because Shakespeare’s play was set there, Kronborg Castle is a 16th-century castle on a strategic peninsula on the Sound, just north of Copenhagen.

The Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s Surprisingly Little Mermaid Statue

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Perched on a rock about 10 feet from the shore in Copenhagen, the century-old bronze statue of The Little Mermaid has become a national treasure inspired by the famous story by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

Seafaring Culture Exhibit at the Maritime Museum of Denmark

Maritime Museum of Denmark

HELSINGØR, Denmark — The Maritime Museum of Denmark isn’t your typical maritime museum. It takes a modern approach to telling the stories of commercial seafaring.